Necklace of Multi Colored Pearls

Wear a sampling of multicolored pearls in one unique necklace.

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Ever just wish you could "have it all?" Well, now you can. Have many colors, shapes, and sizes of pearls in one great place...around your neck.

Looking for jewelry that's the real you?

This is it!

It's not every pearl necklace that let's you wear pink, peach, lavender, black and white pearls all together.

These colors occur naturally in freshwater pearls. The black pearls in this particular necklace are dyed, but black does also occur naturally.

The many shapes, with the coin pearls being the most obvious and outstanding, also include button, oval and round pearls.

The mixture of sizes, shapes and colors make this necklace a real eye-catching piece that will compliment both neutral outfits or more elaborate clothing.

I will make you a unique necklace very similar to this, but each different from each will be your personal piece.

The dangle earrings also have multicolored pearls of pink, black and white.

I named this after our daugther, Anna.

Anna...that's AAAAAA like when you open your mouth for the doctor, not aaaa like in apple.

Anna's two middle names could be: imitative and drive. (Really, it's Ingrid, for her Scandinavian roots.)

Anna Teaching English in South Korea

Always tackling projects "head on," even as a youngster, she'd be sitting on the couch and all of a sudden jump up, go to the kitchen and start whipping up cherry pies for us.

So we weren't really too surprised when her university professors suggested she apply for a Fulbright Scholarship...they knew she'd do well.

Like multicolored pearls she's multi-talented, and multi-cultural...quite a girl!

Mixture of freshwater pearls of white, black, pink and lavender.
Various pearl sizes ranging from 4mm to 9mm plus coin pearls.
Matching dangle 3 pearl earrings
Sterling Silver clasp
Length: 23 inches

Sorry, this necklace is no longer available.

Black, White or Pink 64" Pearl Rope Necklaces (Modeled by Anna)

Cheap and versatile Lavender and Pink Necklace

Black and White Pearl Necklace

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