Abalone pearl pendant

by Isabelle

What can you do when you live in France and you are looking for a beautiful abalone pearl to complete your natural pearl collection? And when abalone pearls are virtually unknown in this country?

You find yourself lucky that you are in the XXIst century! And thanks to Internet you can find all the information you need and talk to very nice people all over the world, willing to help. And especially to a certain gentleman living in New Zealand, familiar with that kind of pearl. And as it turns out, this gentleman has family living in London, only 2 hours 1/2 by train from Paris!

And so this is how you end up holding in your hand one of the most surprising pearls you've ever seen, with a beautiful lustre and a fantastic display of iridescent colours which makes it look like an opal of the sea!

Really, sometimes it's so good to live in modern days.

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Feb 25, 2015
by: Samuels

To be frank this is the most beautiful pearl pendant I have ever seen in my whole life. I am a professional jewel analyst and what I do all day is research a lot about rare jewels and pearls.

Jun 09, 2012
great abalone pendant
by: Anonymous

i have some paua shell with mayby pearls but i am not computer literant if i send just to an e/mail address would you be able to show them my name is lou hill

Aug 31, 2010
One of a Kind
by: Kari


Thanks for showing us your one-of-a-kind abalone pearl pendant. The irridescence glows like lightening. I know you are going to enjoy wearing this piece. I'd love to hear the comments you will get. When first starting this website, abalone pearls were some of the first ones featured. Since then, several others have shared their abalone pearl finds.

Yes, modern times have blessed you and your searching has paid off well!

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