Lovely Lavender Pearl Bracelets

I love lavender pearl bracelets. Lavender pearls are my personal favorites. The color is natural, no dyes here. I've seen these colored pearls come right out of a freshly opened cultured mussel just as lavender as can be.

So, with cultured pearls or with natural pearls, lavender happens. Recently, a friend told me her mother has a ring with a natural lavender pearl from the Minnesota River.

These intriguing cultured lavender pearl bracelets are made of three sizes of lavender pearls alternating as they go around. The many dangles also alternate in size.

Lavender Pearl Dangle Bracelet
Lavender Pearl Dangle

A lavender pearl bracelet like this makes for quite a conversation piece...nothing common or boring here. Lots of shining luster and varied sizes.

Two generous wraps guarantee these to fit any size wrist. No worries about your gift needing to be re-sized. It will fit and fit lovely too.

My creative friend, Selina, designed these for me. Selina has fashion sense and style like no other. I've loved everyone of her ideas!

If you have ever tried to connect a clasp on your own pearl'll know what I'm talking about when I say these are easy to put on yet glamorous to wear!

And don't worry, I'll gladly refund your money if you're not delighted with these.

Sorry, this style is no longer available.

Matching lavender necklace and earring sets here to go with these pearl bracelets.

More pearl wrap bracelets to choose from here.

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