Have You Found A Melo Pearl?

Melo pearls are usually round and can get quite large.

The Sunrise pearl is the largest pearl like this in the world.

Melo melo pearl vietnam

This pearl was found in Vietnam. Isn't it big and beautiful?

melo shells

I took this photo of the shells this fall. I really wanted to bring one of these home, but they were soooo big that I restrained myself and let them be.

Have You Found A Melo Pearl?

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Melo pearl needs information, value and right customer 
Hello all! My family has 1 original Melo Pearl which my mother just obtained 2 weeks ago in Melo snail randomly in my hometown Binh Thuan province, …

Melo Pearl With GIA Certificate ..but .. 
Hi, Everyone, I just came across few Melo Pearls, and I believe it is real Melo Pearl (especially after it has been certified by GIA as it is real and …

I want to Buy Melo Pearls 
I am a firm and immediate buyer of all Melo pearls as long as quality is good and price is not crazy. Thanks! Nilar

I have found two melo 4.6 gram and 2.9 gram  
I am from Bali, Indonesia. I am dealer for seashell supplier from Bali. From 10000 pcs all kinds shell in Indonesia I got many different pearls. …

Are These Melo Pearls? 
Hi, I found these in a box of household junk. I think they might be Melo. They amount to 72.5 grams and are for sale.

2 Melo Pearls For Sell 
Dear All, I am Vietnamese. I have 2 Melo Pearls I want to sell. size: 20 mm x 20 mm, Carat Weight: 83 CT, Price: 1,000 USD/Carat. (Photo above) …

I am looking for Melo Pearl Market 
I am in Vietnam (GMT +7), My family owns some dozen of Melo Pearl, could some body help me to find a good maket for that, thanks so much. my skype: lexuantan …

Diving for Melo Pearls 
I'm from Indonesia and yesterday I found a snail and inside I found these "pearls". I found them when I was diving and searching snails for our food …

A Business Woman Invests in Melo Melo Pearls 
I couldn't stop looking at the melo pearl when one of my friends introduced it to me a year ago and she told me the price that she wanted to sale it for …

Conch Pearl Pink Oval Shape 7mm for Sale Not rated yet
Type of pearl: Conch pearl Weight: 0.78 carats Shape: Elongated Oval Size: 7x4x3.5mm Color: Pink Location of Origin: Caribbean …

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Pearl from Vietman.

Read about the largest melo pearl in the world.

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