Living in a Mud Hut in Malawi

13 reasons why living in a Malawi mud hut beats living at my house.

1. No vacuum cleaner needs to be bought, used, lugged up and down stairs, cleaned, maintained, etc, etc, etc.

2. Nobody will ever fall down the stairs and break their neck.

3. The toilet will never overflow.

4. Sinks will never get stopped up with hair and guck.

Hut in Malawi Village
Hut in Malawi Village

5. Very little dusting.

6. Window salesmen will not pester with sales pitches.

7. The carpet will never get stained.

8. Springs in couches and chairs will never break and need to be repaired.

Huts in Malawi Village
Huts in Malawi Village

9. Large groups of guests would be entertained outside under the stars which are already beautiful, so no decorating is needed.

10. Property taxes would most likely not even exist.

11. Electric bills would be non-existent.

12. The washing machine will never break down.

13. A freezer will never need to be defrosted.

Malawi Villagers
Huts in Malawi Villagers

Just think about it for a minute. Life in a mud hut has several advantages. This list could go on and on and on. When I recently visited villages in Malawi, Africa, I was surprised at my reaction. Instead of the expected, "Oh, dear, these poor, poor people are so deprived", my expected pity was actually one of hesitant envy. There were no junky cars in these villages. There was no junk at all! They were gorgeous, clean and neat. Yes, they were simple, but simplicity has its place. I know little about simplicity. I'm too busy taking care of my things....floors, furniture, clothes, dishes, stuff, stuff, stuff. Often it almost chokes me. But, I am caught in the middle of the struggle between enjoying the niceties of modern culture and the desire for extreme simplicity. It's my own fault. Nobody is stopping me from living in a tiny house with few or no "things". Instead, I face the challenge daily of enjoying pleasantries while also enduring the burden of caring for them.

Malawi Village with Mountains
Malawi Village with Mountains

As I sat on the doorstep of a mud hut in Malawi speaking with several ladies through an interpreter, I began realizing the advantages of this amazing place. The scenery was drop dead gorgeous. The weather was mild without freezing nights. There were no bugs or mosquitoes buzzing around our heads. The dirt grounds were swept and clean. Simplicity and focus on people was obvious as the women looked me clearly at my eyes with rapt attention. Children played happily without toys or gadgets.

Malawi Boys
Malawi Boys

I returned from Malawi with a renewed hope. Hope that having things and possessions is not what Africa needs. The needs are much greater than money or possessions. They need God, as we all do and to know God, they need the truth of Jesus Christ and His sacrifice on Calvary. In my humble opinion, Africa does not need a hand out, a hand up, or a hand down. It needs truth because truth has a way of solving problems.

Malawi Mountain Village
Malawi Mountain Village

What happens to a village after a Malawi tropical storm?

So, what about safe drinking water for Malawians?

Malawi children love to sing!

More about Kari's adventures in addition to living in a Malawi mud hut.
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