Sarah Anderson

Sarah Anderson...young model,designer and jewelry maker...and my daughter!

Sarah in Pearls
Sarah in Pearls

Our spunky 17-year old plays multiple roles in my growing pearl business. She models, designs, and constructs pearl jewelry for me. She'll often pop in on me when I'm working in my little pearl shop and start stringing pearls getting them ready for me to knot.

I respect her opinions which have often sent me off into new profitable directions.

Sarah has recently volunteered for six weeks in Colombia on a Boy's Rehabilitation Farm and previously volunteered for six weeks on a farm in Norway.

Sarah volunteered in Colombia on a boys' farm.

Sarah also helps her dad in the sheep fact, she's his main helper and is a walking sheep history record. Most often she can remember not only the names of our sheep, but also their mother's and grandmother's name.

She's now taught herself to play a rompingly hot think lessons would have hampered her style...she's a natural.

Sarah's my last home schooled child...and was able to start college at age sixteen. Keep an eye on Sarah for new innovative designs and maybe some modeling too.

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