The Pearl Girls - Video of Pearl Farm

The Pearl Girls - Video of Pearl Farm

There is a Georgia-based American company called The Pearl Girls, where owner India Rows travels the world grading her finds for their handmade Pearl jewelry.

The Pearl Girls is a small American business that sells the best quality pearls in a variety of amazing designs. Under the direction of Certified Pearl Grader, India Rows, the collection begins with her travels to Hong Kong to hand select the finest cultured pearls for the jewelry collections.

India's company features every kind of cultured Pearl in classic or trend pieces of jewelry. India's single strand of classic cultured Pearls is hands down a timeless (and current) must-have item for any woman to own. The new Fall/Winter Collection from The Pearl Girls is an explosion of artistic and gorgeous Pearl jewelry featuring chocolate, blue, black, silver, mauve, pink, and classic white cultured Pearls.

The current length at the top of the Fall/Winter 2011 list is the choker style, but layering several lengths is a hot look too.

Each year India develops two seasonal collections featuring modern designs of these classic gems. Each collection is rich with a variety of cultured Pearls from classic round pearls to baroque Pearls.

The Pearl Girls jewelry is available online and come with a Certificate of Authenticity.

See Kari's pearl farm videos here.

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