Ever dreamed of having your own website?

I'm so excited...about this website program that I decided to dedicate an entire page to it.

Several years ago my husband and I went to Asia. On the plane folks told us about the beautiful pearls...and a new business was started by me after that trip.

I knew I had a great product because the pearl necklaces were selling like hotcakes, so I... ordered more...sold them... ordered more...

Then I spoke with the SCORE business people who give free advice to small business owners. (SCORE can be contacted through your local Chamber of Commerce) They suggested I get a website for my business...so I started praying and looking for someone to make me a site.

It was a discouraging search...lots of money, few pages, not much help.

THEN, one night, as I was cleaning out my "favorites," I clicked on a site I'd saved for future reference...it brought me to SBI.

I think I read everything on their entire site at that time...in complete spellbound interest...could this be FOR REAL?

It still took me awhile before being willing to cough up the couple of hundred bucks for this program but I can say with CONFIDENCE and SINCERITY that it's one of the best decisions I've ever made.


I'm learning about my product, and learning principles of business...by working hard in the few spare hours I have every week (I'm a busy home school mom) writing pages, learning to prepare photos, learning to download, upload, paste, copy, edit, arrange, manage, research, build, build again, brainstorm, preview, delete....and the beat goes on and on and on....but I'M SO EXCITED...BECAUSE IT'S REALLY HAPPENING...WITHOUT SPENDING THOUSANDS.

PLUS...as my website grows...so DO I. And that's the best part...by managing my own site, I know how it works, why it works, when it works, and can change it as often as I need to.

I've needed to ask SBI for plently of help...and believe me, they have a GREAT team of support helpers.

In short...I'm receiving a computer education "Par Excellance."

I love to learn, have already learned SO MUCH and there's still lots to learn.

I knew I wanted a business....but this is a thousand times better than I ever dreamed possible...to learn the skills to manage that business.

If you have ever dreamed of starting an online business, I found out it no longer has to be a dream. Site Build It! will make it all real --cllick here for more information.

Here I share the next stage of my journey.

Ready to take the dive and buy a website program like mine? Click here.

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