Yellow Mother of Pearl Jewelry Made from Vintage Buttons

Yellow mother of pearl buttons from both local shells and ones transported form other American rivers were mass-produced years ago in the city of Muscatine, Iowa.

yellow mother of pearl jewelry

More about Pearl Buttons

Vast varieties from tiny shanks or four holed to large fancy buttons in white, blacks and deep rich colors provided both function and beauty to everything form baby clothes to winter coats all over America.

Almost every family in Muscatine has a story to tell of a grandmother or aunt who sewed buttons on cards for 1 cent a card or a uncle or grandfather who worked in a factory or cut and sold buttons blanks from his basements.

Our city is rich with this heritage and now you too can relive the "good old days" by owning and wearing mother of pearl jewelry.

Buttons make lovely jewelry that`s both practical and fun from brooches and pins to necklace and earring sets. These creative pieces enliven your wardrobe possibilities and remain a timeless style that adds distinction.

Additional Yellow Pearl Button Earring Styles

7 Vintage Yellow Pearl Buttons

More about these zippy yellow pearl button earrings.

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