Princess Diana Gardens Apartments

There were Diana gardens apartments in Kensington Palace.

In 1981 apartments 8 and 9 were combined to create the London residence of the newly married Prince and Princess of Wales, Charles and Diana, and it remained the official residence of Diana, Princess of Wales after her marriage and until the day of her death. Her sons, Prince William and Prince Harry, went to local nursery and pre-preparatory schools in Notting Hill, which is a short drive away.

I think I saw Princess Diana once. I know you're thinking, how could I not know if I saw Lady Diana?

I was roaming around London (something fun to do if one has extra time) on a quiet side street near Kensington Palace, where the Diana gardens apartments were and suddenly very official cars passed by and in the backseat of one was a lovely young blond sitting alone and looking around. It all happened very fast as she passed right in front of me while I was waiting to cross the street.

I have no way of proving it was her....but I think it was, as the description fit so well and it was right by the palace.

I was prompted to pray for her then and there, asking God to bless her and be with her.

I also saw Prince Charles in London on King's Road. Sarah, my daughter, and I were walking down King's Road (I just had my hair cut) and inquired why a small crowd of people were gathered around on the sidewalk. One of the ladies told us that Prince Charles was inside the art store shopping. They were waiting for him to come out so they could get a glimpse of him.

So....naturally, we waited too. It wasn't long and out he came, all dressed up in cuff links and suit. He took a few minutes to shake hands with those nearby and wave to those of us across the street before getting into one of the chauffeured cars.

When in London with kids enjoy the visit the Peter Pan inspired Diana, Princess of Wales memorial playground near the palace.

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