Lisbon Photos including Vasco Da Gama

Tile, Tile, Tile, Beautiful Tile in Lisbon!

Up Up and Away at the Hostel

Lord Jesus Christ Reigns Over Lisbon!

Belem Tower - Vasco Da Gama Stopped Here in Belem for a Blessing in 1497!

Jesus Watching Over Tourists

Trunk Thought to Have Traveled with Da Gama

Da Gama Insignia on Trunk

Vasco Da Gama in All His Glory

Model of Da Gama's Ship

Vasco Da Gama

Vasco Da Gama's Route Around Horn of Africa

Jeronimos Monastery

Vasco Da Gama's Tomb

Vasco Da Gama's Tomb

Pretty Red Door on Way to Castle

Lisbon Street

Artwork Near Castle

Kari on Cobblestone

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