Tiffany in Ginza
Downtown Tokyo, Japan

Tiffany in Ginza....where there's a Mikimoto, sure enough, just look around and you'll most likely see a Tiffanys.

I've seen these two stores close together in New York City, Nagoya, London, and Ginza, Tokyo.

I only had a short stop-over in Tokyo my last time there, but really wanted to see the new Mikimoto Ginza 2 pink building, which is just around the corner from the main Mikimoto Ginza store.

Ginza Tiffany
Ginza Tiffany

Ginza Tiffany Display
Ginza Tiffany Display

My husband and I got caught in the rain after I took a video of window washers at Mikimoto's main store..

A few Japanese ladies still wear the traditional kimono. This lady was lucky to have an umbrella in the Tokyo rain. The rain was hard, but only lasted a few minutes.

Ginza Rain
Kimono in Ginza Rain

While we were waiting under a store front next to Mikimotos I looked across the street and sure enough, there was a Tiffanys. I then remembered Audrey Hepburn once standing outside of a Tiffanys with a brown bag breakfast and eating it in her famous movie, "Breakfast at Tiffanys".

Kari Breakfast at Tiffanys
Kari Breakfast at Tiffanys

"Ummmmm," I thought to myself, "I have my McDonald's breakfast that I decided not to eat, in my purse. I could also have 'Breakfast at Tiffanys'". I am...breakfast at Tiffany in Ginza. (You'll need to look closely to see the Tiffany sign in back.)

Tiffany Ginza store
Tiffany Ginza Store

I took some more photos of Tiffanys after the rain.

The curtains at Tiffany in Ginza were most lovely and interesting, sort of a gauze type fabric crinkled up in places.

Tiffany Ginza Window Gauze
Tiffany Ginza Window Gauze

I poked my head in but the sales girls didn't speak much English, so just took a quick look around.

Tiffany Ginza Hand
Ginza Tiffany Hand

Ginza is a very upper class shopping area. You'll see designer fashions passing you on the street and classy window displays.

With flashy overhead videos and big displays the corner by Mikimoto and Tiffanys resembles Times Square.

Get off the subway at the Ginza stop and you'll see what I mean.

Nagoya Tiffany
Tiffany Bond Street London
Audrey Hepburn's "Breakfast at Tiffany" dress
Tiffany Sloane Square London
New York Tiffany store after Tiffany in Ginza
Tiffany Queen Pearl

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