Romantic Poems About Pearls

Romantic Poems about Pearls & Stories

Romantic poems about pearls...pearls are naturally romantic...a symbol of endearing, enduring love...get some great romantic poems here to share with your loved one.

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The Sea Hath Its Pearls
The Sea Hath Its Pearls by Margetson, William H.

The Sea Hath Its Pearls
Heinrich Heine

The sea hath its pearls,
The heaven hath its stars;
But my heart, my heart,
My heart hath its love.

Great are the sea and the heaven,
Yet greater is my heart;
And fairer than pearls and stars
Flashes and beams my love.

Thou little, youthful maiden,
Come unto my great heart;
My heart, and the sea, and the heaven
Are melting away with love!

Translated from German
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

NOTE: I found this poem in an old book (1900) which my daugher, Anna, gave me for Christmas, called, "The Complete Works of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow".

A great-great grandson of Longfellow helped put up a cell phone tower on our property a few years ago, so I asked him to autograph my other Longfellow books.

One book, "Evangeline," was from an old one-room school house. When I finished it, I gave it as a gift to my friends in Nova Scotia where the story line is based. Seeing a statue of "Evangeline" there near the sea was a great fun for actually see where these Acadians once really lived.

from The Rock of Rubies, and the Quarrie of Pearls.
Robert Herrick (1591–1674)

Some asked how pearls did grow, and where?
Then spoke I to my girl
To part her lips,
And showed them there
The quarelets of pearl.

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