Vasco da Gama Birthplace - Castle in Sines

When, several years ago, God woke me up with the name, "Vasco da Gama" on my brain, I had hoped to eventually find out the meaning of this "revelation" and it was only after sharing the phenomenon with my son, John, that I realized why God has spoken this name to me.

More of a self portrait than anything but this hangs in Vasco da Gama's birthplace castle, so I had to have a photos of it for sure!

John immediately, after me explaining to him the name, "Vasco da Gama" that God has placed on my mind, said this: "Oh Mom, let's do that someday! Let's follow his route from Portugal to Spain! And I'm going to pay for it!"

da Gama Coat of Arms

John was maybe about 10 at the time.

Antique Handkerchief Memorializing 400 Years Since Vasco da Gama's Voyage

Well, guess what, about seventeen years later, we did just that! And John, true to his word, paid for it! Well, most of it. I pitched in for a few hotel nights and crusts of bread here and there.

View from inside Vasco da Gama Castle Birthplace

da Gama Castle Rafters

So, you can imagine our joy to find out that one can still visit his birthplace castle!

Vasco da Gama Birthplace Castle tucked neatly within Fortress Walls

Considering that Explorer Vasco da Gama was born in Sines, Portugal, around 1460, that's a long time to have preserved someone's birthplace.

John on the castle walls...going to see if Vasco is in today.

Defenders of the castle had nice walkways

Castle Back Yard

Commanding View of Sea from Castle Walls

More of Commanding Sea View from Castle

Plenty of Room for Jousting in Castle Yard

Remains of Palm Trees - Were they relics from India? There seemed to be something "sacred" about those stumps.

Vasco da Gama Beach

John, almost there!

Pristine and well preserved Vasco da Gama Birthplace

Enterance into Castle Walls

Looks like Vasco wasn't home, so we searched for other lodgings. (Note sidewalk for rolling suitcases.)

Typical Ocean Front House

View of Castle Walls from Beach

Vasco Still Peers Out to Sea

John Considers

I expect Asterix and Obelix to Step Out Any Minute

John Embraces Sines, Portugal

Bad Hair Day

John thought it would be okay to play with Vasco's toys even if he wasn't home!

So many cannons to pick from!

Castle Tower

Admiring My Old Friend

Sines Has Not Forgotten Vasco da Gama

Vasco Still in Charge of the Sea

Blue & White Tiles on Church by Castle

Johnerik in Lisbon
Vasco da Gama Memorabilia in Lisbon
Lisbon Photos
Vidigueira "gives up Vasco da Gama's bones"!
Sines, Portugal
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