Abalone Melo Quahog
Rare Pearls

Abalone Melo Quahog pearls as shown and explained by gemologist, Claudia
Florins, GJG, co-director of Bonhams & Butterfields.

Sorry, this video I originally posted here is no longer available.

Claudia emailed me before this auction and the variety of fascinating pearls for sale enticed me enough to make the trip to Los Angeles to enjoy this auction.

She shows a large attached horn pearl in the video, pearls with the parent shells all polished up and pretty, and suites of natural pearls with provenance.

This particular auction was focused on pearls, but so many curiosities were for sale like huge fossils, meteorites, gold, minerals and jewels of many types. I've always enjoyed nature's art work and most of the items were just that, works of art.

Bonhams & Butterfields is in on Sunset Blvd in Los Angeles. They have auction houses in various parts of the world including New York City. I loved seeing so many blooming flowers in December!

Claudia was a joy to meet and visit with about pearls. Her knowledge and love of pearls shines through her sincere personality. I did not do this interview, but I knew you would enjoy it as I did.

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