Baroque Pearl Centaur Half Horse & Half Man

Baroque Pearl Centaur  (photo by Andrew Anderson)

Baroque Pearl Centaur (photo by Andrew Anderson)

Andrew photographed this baroque pearl centaur at the Natural History Museum in New York City.

This half horse, half man figure contains a wonderful baroque pearl which are often used for Objects d'Art along with enamel and gold.

Although baroques may have a pearly luster, they are not highly prized unless unusually attractive, and they have little permanent value, apart from theri estimation in the eyes of the admirers of the curious and unique. They are used largely in l'art nouveau, and in forming odd and fanciful objects of jewelry, the designer taking advantage of the resemblance which they bear to common objects of every-day life, and by additions of gold and other ornaments completing the form which nature had merely suggested.

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