Anderson Globe Hoppers

Globe Hoppers, the Mark Anderson family of Muscatine, Iowa provide you with adventure travel stories at their finest from snowmobiling in Svalbard (world's most northern community) to having baboons steal a muffin at the Cape of Good Hope.

6 Continents
100+ Countries
17 Iowans
1 Family

John Chained in Lisbon

He was quickly nabbed without incident as he crossed the moat into the ancient castle on the hill and put on public display to deter any other undercover agents from thinking they could roam about Lisbon freely without consequences.

Using skill and cunning which he learned from growing up at Anderwood with four older brothers, he managed to escape but had to be careful to retain his sunglasses disguise so as to meld into the flow of normal tourists. More

Sarah at Mediterranean

The breakfast at the Kibbutz near the shore of the Lake of Galilee was stupendous with 4 kinds of fish, fresh orange juice you could watch being squeezed by the machine when you pressed the button, yogurt of many types, olives, various forms of eggs, many greens and veggies and fruits. Since I was on a liquid fast for the trip I enjoyed the fresh juices and coffee.

Speaking of my liquid fast, I woke up one morning feeling better than I ever remember feeling in my entire life!

Snowmobling in Svalbard - The Top of the World!

Our experienced guide, stopped every now and then for "group-unity-reinenforcement" and to tell us interesting facts about the area. He also probably knew we needed a rest from not being used to this gloriously fun, yet high tension activity. More

Siq at Petra, Jordan

I had seated myself on an ancient broken pillar and was taking in the stunning scenery when a young Bedouin travel guide came and sat on a near by broken pillar to visit and hopefully talk me into paying he and his donkey to take me up to the rock carved monastery. Since the dinars in my pocket were at an all time low, I knew I didn't have enough for the trip plus tip, so I just chatted away with him. After a few minutes I was quickened to ask him about his faith. More

A Peek at the Backside of Buckingham Palace

I was impressed with the informality of the gardens. I'd expected a flashback of Versailles I guess. These gardens were more like a large, sprawling, homey back yard with a small lake. I imagined myself swimming in that lake. Grass was groomed, but the lovely place wasn't landscaped to death. No tea parties least not today! More

Under the castle gate - Carlisle

Then suddenly, I heard, "Hey, lady, get out of the way!" Someone was yelling at me. " A car wants to get by. You're blocking the road." I was standing in the entryway and a car was wanting to pass. I scowled. Now they're yelling at me at the castle... Slowly I turned, glared at the driver and methodically moved out of the way. More

Favorite Budapest bridge

I couldn't stop taking photos of this amazing piece of functional art work. You can see for's gorgeous. And I happened to capture the furul, a type of falcon bird, which is naturally a symbol for aptly a part of the Liberty Bridge.More

Malawi Children Love to Sing

This happy mob of Malawi children greeted our van in pitch darkness out by the highway the night our team arrived. When I say pitch dark, that is precisely what I mean. The only light was from the headlights of the van. No electricity here or anywhere near. More

Window on Caspian Sea - Baku

I love this photo that I took, because it give a rare peek at the Caspian Sea from Maiden Tower. Usually the Caspian Sea is looming large when you're in this part of Baku, but here you only get a peek and can barely get a glimpse of its immenseness. More

2017 Christmas

All of Us Together Again

Only Missing Sam, Alexis and Abel & Simon

2012 Welcome Grandma Ose, Liliana & David!

This global travel trend began when dad packed us off to Canada and
on our first international adventure trip years ago.

"Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry and narrow mindedness..."
- Mark Twain

Mark Anderson family
Mark Anderson Family, 2010

GlobeHoppers Christmas 2009 -- Welcome BETHANY!!

After tasting adventurous family travel, it's become a way of life--one of us is often on some global escape travel.

We've all gone somewhere--all have been to Asia, but Sarah; all have been to Europe, but John. So far, we've touched our toes on 6 continents and over 100 countries.

Andrew, Samuel, Matthew, Kari, Mark, Sarah, Ethan, Anna & John

Globe Hoppers brings global travel to you with our family trip experiences.

"The gladdest moment in human life methinks, is a departure into unknown lands. The blood flows with the fast circulation of childhood." Sir Richard Burton

All set? Well then...let's get going!

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