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It's about time that I get a KariPearls site map up and running. There are LOTS of pages on my site and even I sometimes forget where I've put them all. This will help both you and me find what we're looking for. Enjoy!

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KariPearls HOME "Every Woman Loves Pearls"

Pearly Blog--Recent Additions

Pink Pearls--Main Page

Pink "Rosebud" or "Strawberry" Pearl Set
Pink Woven Pearl Set
Round Pink Freshwater Pearl Necklaces in Four Lengths
Dainty 6mm Pink Pearl Necklace and Earrings
Double Strand Pink Freshwater Necklace
Triple Strand Pink Pearls
Pink and White Pearls with Ribbons

White Pearls--Main Page

Five Strand Bridal Set
One of a Kari-Kind
"Bride's Delight" 4 Swoopy Strands
Rice & Coin Pearl Set
Set of White Pearls Accented with Red Mother of Pearl
My finest Freshwater Pearls
White Stud Earrings
South Sea Pearls Plus Musical Video
Blister Pearl Pendants
White Pearl Ropes 64"
White Wrap Bracelets
White Pearl Collar Necklaces with Coin Pearls
Stunning Coin Pearl Necklace
9-10mm White Freshwater Pearls
Coin Pearls and Sterling Silver Necklace Set
White Pearl Wrap Bracelets
Small Pearl Necklace and Earring set
Unique Pearl Necklace with Emerald colored MOP

Lavender Pearls--Main Page

"Down Lavender Lane" Keshi-Button-Seed Extravaganza
Lavender Keshi Mix
Three Pearl Lairat Type Ropes
Three Strands Lavender Seed Pearls
"Lavender Lady" set
Lavender & White 7 Way Necklace
Wrap Bracelets of Lavender Pearl
5 Strands of Lavender Pearls

Peach Pearls--Main Page

Peach Dangling Earrings
Peach Multi-size Pearl Necklace
Peach Pearl Rope with Alternating size Pearls
4 Strand Peach Pearl Necklace
Peach Pearl Rope Necklace

Black Pearls--Main Page

Tahitian Pearl Pendants
Tahitian Pearl & Diamond Jewelry
64" Black Pearl Ropes
9mm Round Black Pearl Necklaces
Exotic Single Black Tahitian Pearl Necklace
Classic Black Freshwater Pearl Necklace
Black Pearl Necklaces in 30.5" & 34"
Black and White Pearl Necklace
Learn About Black Tahitian Pearls
Black Pearl History

Multi-Colored Pearl Jewelry--Main Page

Cheap Lavender and Pearl 7-Way Necklace
Black and White Pearl Necklace
Pink and White Pearls with Ribbons
Assortment of Affordable Pearl Necklaces
64" Ropes of Pearls in Pink, White or Black

Child Jewelry

Bridesmaid's Necklaces--Main Page

Free Instructions for Bridesmaid Necklaces
Longer 6 Strand Bridesmaid Ribbon Necklaces
Kits for Ribbon Pearl Bridesmaid Necklaces
Affordable Loose Pearls for Jewelry Making Projects

Pearl Bracelets--Main Page

Wrap Bracelets
     Black & White Wrap Bracelet
     Lavender Wrap Bracelet
     White Wrap Bracelet

Baby Bracelets--Main Free Page

Baby Bibs "For the Girl Who Wears Pearls"
Breastfeeding Bracelets
Downloadable Children's Book
Downloadable Pearl Card
Instructions for Making Pearl Ribbon Necklaces
Send free pearl ecards

HOW TO....Knot Pearls--Main Page

Classic Method of Restringing Pearls
How to Identify Pearls
How to Restring Pearls
How to Care for Pearls
More Care of Pearls
How to Test for Cultured Pearls
How to Clean Pearls
More about Cleaning Pearls
How to Make Ribbon Necklaces
How to Wear a 65" Pearl Rope Necklace

The Mall Doesn't Help!
Knotting Pearls--Harder than it Sounds
A knotty problem of pearls and needles
Ovaline Pearl
Kitty Pearls and Dental Floss...
It's not easy bein' green
If I Can String Pearls Anyone Can!
Pearl Knotting--Pitiful First Attempts

About Pearls--Main Page

Understanding Carat Weight
How are Pearls Made Naturally
Facts About Pearls
Evaluating Akoya Pearls
Pearl Nucleation Process
Chinese Pearl Powder
Pearl Glossary
Pearls as Medicine
How are Pearls Made?
How are Pearls Formed--Early Theories
Types of Pearls
Working of the Pearl Mantle
Why I use Sterling Clasps
Peeling Pearls
Polishing Pearls

Natural Pearls--Main Page

Aboriginal Pearls
Duchess of Windsor Natural Pearls
Largest Attached Blister Pearl??
Lake Pepin Minnesota Pearls
Historic Seed Pearl Jewelry
Ohio River Pearls
Conch Pearls
Learn About Abalone Pearls
Pinna Pearls
World's Largest Melo Pearl
Mississippi River Pearls from Muscatine, Iowa
Melo Melo Pearl from Vietnam
Exquisite Men & Beastie Natural Pearl Pendants--British Museum
Exotic Pearl Fits into a Man's Hand
Slideshow of British Museum Natural Pearls
VIDEO About Pearls...How Do They Happen?
VIDEO of Natural Pearls in History
Natural Abalone Pearls--New Zealand
How to Test for Natural Pearls

Countries Where Pearls are Found--Main Page

Aboriginal Pearls of the USA
Where are Natural Pearls Found?
     South America
Where Do Natural Pearls Come From?
Melo Melo Pearls from Vietnam
Philippines--Exotic Pearl
Chinese Pearls
     Historic China Cultured Pearls
French Polynesian Pearls
Japanese Pearls
Japanese Pearl Processes--VIDEO
Scottish Pearls
     Abernathy Pearl
     River Tay -- Home to Scottish Pearls
Venezuela in the 1930's
Tennessee, USA
Minnesota, USA, Natural Pearls
Australia Fisheries Before 1908
     Beginning of Australian Fisheries
     Historical Australia Fishery
     Australia Divers
     Australian Oyster Species
Burmese Gems

Pearl Island--Main Page

Getting to Pearl Island
Ama Divers of Pearl Island
Pearl Island Memorial Hall
Tansu Traditional Japanese Cabinetry
Mikimoto Animation
Mikimoto's wife Ume
Mikimoto Letter from Thomas Edison
Bosses' String of Pearls Necklace
Mikimoto Co-Workers
Kokichi Mikimoto--Pearl King
Pearl Island Museum
Mikimoto Cultured Pearls Museum
Pearl Island Pearl Shop

Pearl Farms--Main Page

Harvesting Pearls--Opening Mussels
See Inside a Pearl Factory
      Drills for Pearls--Historic Information
7 Videos of the Pearl Harvesting Process
Freshwater Pearl Farm in Camden, Tennessee, USA
Japan Pearl Farm Video of Nucleating and other Processes
Pearl Divers
Pearl Diver as reported in 1800's
Quotes about Pearl Diving
Times and Depths of Pearl Divers
Diving Dangers
Pearl Divers in Australia
Pearling Methods
Pearl Divers in Mexico

John Steinbeck--The Pearl--Main Page

A Visit to Tiffany's--Main Page

Tiffany in Ginza
Tiffany Jewelry Store at Sloane Square
Main Tiffany Co Store in London, England
Tiffany Window Displays from Asia

Girl with a Pearl Earring--Art--Main Page

Bartering Pearls
Pearl Treasure Hunt--Win Free Pearls!
Pearls Before Swine Game
Beat Pearls Before Swine
Giant Chanel Pearl Necklace
Pearl Fishers--Opera
Black Pearls Perfume by Elizabeth Taylor
String of Pearls Plant
Pearl Flower
Pearl Arts and Crafts Ideas
A Pearl Menagerie
Animal Jewerly Survey

Pearl of Allah--Famous Pearls--Main Page

Russian Pearl Caps
Golash Quahog Brooch
Weights of Great Pearls Dutch of Windsor Natural Pearls
Largest Attached Blister Pearl??
Pearl in Ancient Egypt
Susa Pearls-Oldest Known Pearl Necklace
Baroda Pearls Sold for $7 Million
Baroda Pearls from India
Allure of Pearls at Smithsonian Institute
Unusual Exotic Pearl
Abernathy Pearl, Perth, Scotland
Natural Pearls in History--VIDEO
2,000 Year Old Pearl Necklace and Bracelet from Iowa
      American Indian Beading Collection
Pearls of Christopher Columbus
Pearls A Natural History Exhibit
Famous Pearls
Royalty Pearls
Pearls in History
Queens in Pearls
Elizabeth Taylor and La Peregrina Pearl
More Famous Pearls and Collections
     Iran Crown Jewels
     Cleopatra Pearls
     Peroz Pearl
     Charles the Bold Jewel
     Tararequi Pearls
     Oviedo Pearl
     Temple of Talomeco Pearls
     La Peregrina Pearl
     Charles II Pearl
     Pearls of Mary Stuart
     Queen Elizabeth I Pearls
          Gain Insight About Queen Elizabeth I's Dealings With Ireland
          Queen Elizabeth I's Speech at Tilbury & Defeat of Spanish Armada
     Gresham Pearl
     Rudolph II Pearls
     Charles I Pearl
          Prayers for and by King Charles I
          Speech by King Charles I Before His Execution
     Pearls Described by Tavernier
     Peacock Throne Pearls
     Shah's Tippet Pearls
     Shah's Pearls in 1820
     Summer Palace Pearls in 1860
     La Pellegrina Pearl
     Van Buren Pearls
     Thiers Pearl Necklace
     Tiffany Queen Pearl
     The Bapst Pearls
     The Southern Cross Pearl
     Morgan Tiffany Collection
     Count Batthyani's Pearl
     Crown Jewels of France
     French Crown Jewels at Auction
     Imperial Austrian Schatzkammer Pearls
     Green Vault Pearls
     Three Unique Pearls
     Nordica Abalone Pearl
     Sulu Pearl
     Finest Black Pearl in Europe in 1900
     Hope Pearl
     Hope Pearl Collection
     Moscow Pearl
     La Regente
     La Reine des Perles
     Gogibus Pearl
     Mexico City Pearl Collection
     Henry VIII Pearls
     Summary of Principal Great Pearls

Pearls In Literature--Main Page

Mademoiselle Pearl -- Story of Love Lost
Girl Monkey & String of Pearls
"Margaret: a Pearl" by Eugene Field
"Diving Bell" by Francis C. Woodworth
Disappointing Graduation Gift
Hidden Pearls--Juvenile Fiction Book
The Pearl--14th Century Poem
Aron Finds the Perfect Gift for a Little Sister
Stephanie's Pearls--A Little Girl Learns to Trust
Pearl Poems from Classic Authors
Pearl Poems by Ancient Poets
Poems and Pearls...Partners for Centuries
Quotes Containing Pearls
More Quotes About Pearls
Romantic Poems about Pearls
Pearly Chambered Nautilus by Holmes
Romantic Poem to Kari (me) from Mark, my Husband
Jill's Pearls..a Pearl Story
Pearls in Poems of Ancient Manuscripts

Digital Watercolors--Photos of Pearls--Main Page

Badlands National Park Wears KariPearls
Photos of a Big Pearl
Black Pearl Jewelry Photos
Photos of Black Pearl Strands
Oyster Photos--Including Petrified Oysters
Men & Beastie Pearl Ornaments of British Museum
Pearl Jewelry of British Museum
Pearls on the Mississippi
Images of Black Pearls
Images of Lavender Pearls
Photos of Daylilies and Pearls
Roses and Pearl Photos
     Candied Rose Petals
Pearls on the Shell
Photos of Pearls in Springtime
Photographs of Pearl Necklaces on a Mushroom

Pearl Harbor Pearls--Main Page

1 1/2 hour Video History Channel Documentary Tora, Tora, Tora
Pearl Harbor History Before 1941
Pearl Harbor Posters
Pearl Harbor Photos and Facts

How Fake Pearls are Made--Main Page

How are Shell Pearls Made?
Faux Pearl Jewelry--Treasured Memories
Process for Making Man-Made Shell Pearls
Fake Black Pearls
Pearl Misnomers--Beware!

Meaning of Pearls--Main Page

Christian Symbols--Pearls, Sheep, Water & Bread
Ideas for Giving Pearls
Pearls as a Symbol
Pearl Names
Finding the Pearl of Great Price
Pearls Before Swine
Pearls in the Bible
Pearls as Birthstone
Pearls of Faith
Casting Pearls--A Devotional

Pearl Buttons--Main Page

Wholesale MOP Necklaces
Muscatine Pearl Button Museum
Mother of Pearl Mirror
Video -- Saving North American Mussels
Photos of North American Mussels
Mussels from Minnesota for Buttons
Memories of Muscatine Button Factory Work
Vintage Pearl Buttons
Pearl Button Factory
Pearl Button Factory Tour
Shells and Button Blanks
1948 Pearl Button Article
Pearl Button History
Pearl Clamming in the Mississippi River
     Mussel Recipes
     Antique Oyster Recipes
     Easy Oyster Recipes from Yesteryears
     Tasty Oyster Recipes from Century Old Cookbook
     Oyster Photos including Petrified Oyster Shells
     How to Cook Clams plus Recipes
     Old Fashioned Clam Recipes
     Shellfish Recipes

Mother of Pearl Jewelry--Main Page

Black MOP Necklace
Vintage Pearl Button Necklace
Pink Mother of Pearl Jewelry
Black MOP Jewelry
Green MOP Jewelry
Yellow MOP Jewelry
      Yellow 7 Button Dangles
Blue MOP Jewelry

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KariPearls Site Map

Pearl Sale -- Items Currently ON SALE

Pearl Video Index--Main Page

Elizabeth Taylor Endorsing Black Pearls Perfume
Video -- Saving North American Mussels
Ken Evoy on Making a Profitable Website
River Tay in Scotland
Video-Evaluating Cultured Pearls
Tora,Tora, Tora, 1 1/2 hour Pearl Harbor Documentary
7 Pearl Harvesting Videos
Pearl Nucleating Video and More
Akoya Japanese Pearls in Kobe, Japan
Natural Pearls in History Video
How Natural Pearls are Formed
Lego Animation Video
Videos of the Black Pearl Ship
Pearl Accessories for Leather
Perils of Pauline starring Pearl White--Old Silent Movies

People and Pearls--Princess Diana Pearl Dress--Main Page

     Picture of Diana wearing this dress.
     Diana stamps
     Diana posters & photos
     Diana jewelry for dolls
     Kensington Palace.
     Diana's Wedding.
     Diana's biography
     Diana memorial items.
     Diana Tribute Items.
     Diana Dresses for your doll and you.
     Diana Pearl and Tiara things for sale.
     Diana Concert Items
     Diana collectibles for sale.
     Diana coins here
     Diana Cross Stitch Kits
     Diana Dolls
Pearl Buck
Linnaeus' Pearl Culturing Experiments
Calvin Klein & Duchess of Windsor Natural Pearls
Pearls on Men
The Queen (Elizabeth II)--Movie Review
Marco Polo & Pearls
Christopher Columbus and His Search for Pearls
Columbus History of Pearls
Pearl White starring in 8 Old Movies
Audrey Hepburn's Tiffany Pearls and Dress
Money from Sale of Hepburn Dress Builds a School
Anna Pavlova Pearl Pendant
Sir Francis Drake Pearl Jewel
Picture of Princess Diana Wearing Pearl Dress
Mikimoto--Pearl King,Main Page
     Personal Gifts from Mikimoto
     Blue Lagoon Pearls
     Store Locations
     Discount Lines of Mikimoto
     Grading System for Mikimoto
     Seeking an Appraisal
     Jewelry Insurance/Replacement Value

Places--Pearl Restaurant--Main Page

Buckingham Palace Pearl Gift Shop
Pearl Stores, Ginza, Tokyo--Main Page
     Mikimoto Ginza in Summertime
     Mikimoto Ginza 2 Boutique Tokyo
     Pearl Necklace Store in Glasgow, Scotland
     Viewing Pearl Earrings in Belfast, North Ireland
     Compare Value of Pearls at Dublin, Ireland
     Pearl Shop in Paris, France
     Pearl Store in London, England
     Ginza International
     Tokyo Imperial Hotel Mikimoto Store
     Tokyo Roppongi Store
     New York City Mikimoto
     Seoul, Korea, Jamsil Mikimoto Store
     Seoul, Korea, Galleria Mikimoto Store
     Yokohama, Japan, Landmark Plaza Mikimoto Store
     Yokohama, Japan, Motomatchi Mikimoto Store
     Nagoya, Japan, Mikimoto Store
     Osaka Umeda Mikimoto Store
     International Mikimoto in Osaka, Japan
     Mikimoto Osaka Shinsaibashi Store
     Mikimoto Osaka Store

Types of Pearls--Main Page

Natural Pearls
Cultured Pearls
Abalone Pearls
     Culturing Blue Pearls--Part 1
     Culturing Blue Pearls--Part 2
     Culturing Blue Pearls--Part 3
     Culturing Blue Pearls--Part 4
     Culturing Blue Pearls--Part 5
Black Pearls
New Zealand Abalone pearls
Conch Pearls
Natural Yellow Pearls
Melo Pearls
Characteristics of Pearls...Many links
Pearl Names According to Form and Appearance
Pearl Names According to Origin

Giant Pearl

Comparison: Pearl of Elias with Pearl of Allah
Photos of Natural Blister Pearls
How Pearl of Elias Got Its Name
Tridacna Gigas Mollusks

Pearl Bracelets

Black & White Pearl Wrap Bracelets
Lavender Wrap Dangle Bracelets
White Pearl Wrap Bracelets

KariPearls Search

Pearl Rings

Pearl Earrings

Found a Pearl? Add a Page About It.

Canadian Pearls in N.B.
My Cream Pearl
Flawless Quahog Pearl
Diogelorcas Natural Pearl
Junk Shop Pearls
Large Natural Freshwater Blister Pearl
Lucky Night -- Finding a Pearl on Engagment Night
Abalone Pearls Found While Diving
Oyster on Chinese Buffet Yields a Pearl
Found a Pearl While Getting Oysters
Obama Presidential Pearl
Rare Murex Ramous Pearl
Looking for Natural Pearl Information
OBX Find
Found a Pearl in an Oyster!
Purple Pearl Found at a Raw Oyster Bar
Found Pearls in Oysters
Purple Pearl Question
Leslie's Purple Pearl Update
Marie's Pearl
Clam Pearls from Cape Cod
Cherrystone Pearl Found on Long Island
Father and Sister Found Many Pearls
Found My Pearl Again on New Year's Day
Purple Pearl Cherrystone Clam Find
Pearl Turns To Gold
Quahog Pearls Right in Our Own Home.
3 Pearls in One Oyster
Large Quahog Pearl
Quahog Pearl Information

Found a Natural Freshwater Pearl?

The Cache Creek Pearl

Found a Quahog Pearl?

Found a Quahog Pearl in Las Vegas
Marcee Lopez
Quahog Pearl for Sale on Ebay
Wanting to Buy a Quahog Pearl
Off White Quahog Pearl Found>
9mm Quahog pearl
17mm Quahog Pearl
Purple Quahog Pearl from Rhode Island
Clam Pearl - An Omen
Quahog Pearl Earrings
My Purple Quaghog Pearl
Quahog Pearl Still In Shell
Purple Pearl Little Neck Clam
15mm Quahog Pearl Ring
The Quahog Pearl
Quahog Pearl Collection
11mm Quahog Pearl from Cape Cod for Sale
10mm Quahog Pearl For Sale
Large Quahog Pearl
Quahog Information
Flawless Quahog Pearl Found
Lo and Behold A Purple Pearl

Found an Abalone Pearl?

Wild Red Ablaone Pearl
Fort Bragg Abalone Pearl
Vince Vabri's Abalone Pearl

Found a Melo Pearl?

Looking for Melo Pearl Market
Investing in Melo Pearls

Found a Giant Clam Pearl? (Tridacna Gigas)

Pearl Size of a Man's Hand
Giant Clam Pearl
Diogelorcas Pearl (Venus-like)

Found Scallop Pearls?

What's for dinner!
Found what looks to be a Scallop Pearl in a Dungeness Crab Leg
Pearl or Not? (Found Inside a King Crab Leg)

Found a Natural South Sea Pearl?

Natural Pearls from Muscatine, Iowa?

Muscatine Pearl Slugs at Pearl Button Museum
Muscatine Button Museum Pearl Ring
Ann Moody Pearls

Found a "Pearl" in a Crab?

Birthday Surprise!
My King Crab Pearl
King Crab Pearl?
Stone Crab Pearl
Dungeness Crab Pearl
King Crab Pearl 2

Display Your Favorite Pearl Jewelry

Mikimoto Three Stand Necklace
Tiffany in Disguise
Golden Pearl Ring
My Son's Favorite Pearl Necklace

Pearl News

Jewelry Exhibits in Seoul, Korea
Christie's Jewel Sale in Dubai totals $20.1m
Rare Natural Pearls For Sale in Dubai
Natural Pearls -- Better Investment than Gold
Human Teeth "Pearls"
"Pearls Before Swine’ creator Stephan Pastis
Rare Sijna Pearl Part of Bahraini Collection
Margarita Pearls Undergoing Conservation
Margarita Pearls Update: GIA Assists
What's Next for the Margarita Pearls?
Pearls Hidden for Centuries
Kuwaiti Pearl Divers Sing the Fidjeri
Birthstones Gems of Power
Pearls--A Timeless Treasure
Picking the Best Pearls
A Touch of European Flair in Mikimoto Pearls
Video of Elizabeth Taylor Endorsing Black Pearls Perfume
Elephant Tusk Pearls
Freshwater Pearl Jewelry Workshop at AMNH
Punk Pearls
Are your pearls worth less than you think?
Tiffany's Pearls
Brock Purple Pearl in the News
Stone Crab Pearl
Famous Arab Singer's Pearl Necklace to be Sold
Dubai Reveals Plans for "Pearls of Arabia"
Dubai to Reappear as World Pearling Center 
Pearls: Gem with a past, a still lustrous future 
Did Julius Caesar Invade Britian Because of Pearls? 
Halstead Bead Business Development Grant 
String of Pearls Play 
CIBJO Pearl Commission Report
Pearls Before Swine Comics
Queen's Pearls
Klein Pearls Sell High
Mikimoto $1 Million Pearl Necklace
Marie Antoinette Pearls Fail to Sell
Marie Antoinette Pearls

Mollusc News

Quahogs Replenished
Diving for Abalone on the North Coast--Season Opened April 1
Meaty Maine Mussels
Turks & Caicos Conch Festival
1.8 Million Mollusk Specimens
Enigmatic Antarctica - Amazing Giant Species Of Mollusks Found
Imagine...up to $4,480 for a single meal of Abalone!
Brits Squeamish about Term "Quahog"
Recipe for Littleneck Clams
Johnnie's on the Side Recipe for Stuffed Quahogs
Abalone Bust in New South Wales
Molluscs Help Determine Date of Noah's Flood

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